The 6-in-1 Wet/Dry Vacuum & Steam Cleaner!
Was £149.99
Now Only £49.99
+ £5.99 P&P
One Cleaning Tool to Steam Clean & Vacuum!
Vacuum up dirt and liquids from hard floors, carpets &
surfaces then steam clean at the touch of a button.
An All In 1 Super Cleaner

For Hard floors,
® PowerX™ Wet/Dry vacuuming cleans up dry messes, or liquid spills all in the same pass. At the touch of a button, you can glide over that same surface with steam mode to mop the area spotless.

For carpets and rugs,
 pop on the carpet glider attachment and 
H2O® PowerX™ will instantly deodorise, help sanitise, and refresh your rugs and carpets – all using only the power of steam.
"It saves time & money. Instead of buying a separate vacuum cleaner & steam cleaner to clean your home here you have the perfect tool for the job."
- Timothy F.
Hand-Held Cleaning for the Entire Home

Easily converts to a portable, hand-held unit so you can vacuum
and steam clean even hard to reach areas.

Great for all nooks and crannies! Reach small crevices in furniture or detail cleaning in your car.
Help sanitise your home without chemicals. Steam tough and gritty surfaces like sinks and ovens.

Tough enough for outside grime. Take H2O® PowerX™ outside for vehicle and external home cleaning.

Easy Cleaning with No Added Chemicals
with this Versatile, 6-in-1 Design
  • Kills up to 99%* of salmonella, E.coli, influenza & listeria using just tap or distilled water
  • High Capacity Dust Cup and Water Tank for maximum cleaning time
  • Lightweight – Weighs Less than 5lbs
  • Switches from Vacuum to Steam at the press of a button
  • Helps Remove Pet Odours & Stains from carpet & upholstery
  • Swivel Head Allows for Agile Cleaning in and around hard-to-reach places
  • Save Storage Space - Vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner in one
People are LOVING H2O® PowerX™
It works! It’s a really really good tool.” 

“If you don’t try the Power X, you’ll never know what it really does. But once you have the Power X, you’ll never want to give it up.

“It has so many functions built into one and it takes the place of so many other tools.

It’s a great investment because it does everything all in one. So instead of having to buy a separate vacuum and a separate steamer, you just buy this one thing and it provides all of those functions.”

“This has so much power, 
it does everything that I need it to.”

It saves you so much time. Especially for the value, you can’t beat it.” 

“The power of it is what I love the most.”

Optional Accessories To Enhance Your Steam Cleaner

You will be presented with these amazing optional accessories before the checkout to add to your order

H2O® PowerX™ Pro Pack 
This accessory pack has everything you'll need to take cleaning to the max with the H2O® PowerX™
H2O® PowerX™ Cloth Pack
Make sure that you've always got a spare cloth to hand with this cloth pack. 

H2O® PowerX™ 2 x Water Filters
Keep your H2O® PowerX™ working on top form with these spare water filters, helping to reduce the effects of lime scale build-up.

The Right Tool for the Right Job.
Was £149.99
Now £49.99 
+ £5.99 P&P